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Missing Your Esthetician? We’ve Got The Cure!

Missing Your Esthetician? We’ve Got The Cure!

April 13, 2020



We know you’ve all been really missing your estheticians and they miss you just as much.

We’ve been brainstorming ways to stay connected with all of you during this new era of WFH and we are SO excited to announce (drum roll please) our new digital custom skin consultations! Get a free ONE ON ONE digital skin consultation with your favorite Zandi K Esthetician. I mean really, what else do you have to do?

Just click here and pick your time slot – thats it! You’ll get to get some face time in with your favorite esthetician and a new skin care regiment.


As always, we are still offering curbside pickup and free delivery so once you get that custom skin care consultation and regiment, it’s GAME ON! A member of our staff will contact you after your digital appointment to check you out and set up a time for you to snag your amazing products at 10% OFF.


In the meantime, checkout our Zandi K Esthi’s skincare fave’s below!


ZK babe Kyler’s favorite Aveda skincare product is the Aveda Hydrating Treatment Lotion because it instantly adds moisture to your skin while simultaneously cooling and calming the skin. It’s a perfect prep product because it boosts the ability of your next product, making it the perfect makeup primer!


ZK babe Maya’s favorite Aveda skincare product is the Radiant Skin Refiner. It’s easy & effective exfoliation. Skin tip from Maya; “I keep mine in my shower to use a couple times a week when I want that extra glow, its perfect for sloughing off any dry, dead cells!”.


ZK Babe Lani’s favorite Aveda skincare product is the Tulasara Wedding Masque for brightening, firming and moisture. She say’s its the best “all in one, multi benefit product”Lani’s tip; ” Use this daily. It’s what truly will have you coming out of this quarantine glowing”.



ZK Babe Lucia’s favorite Aveda skincare product is the Tulasara Wedding Masque! Lucia say’s that it really helps moisturize my skin leaving it looking more healthy and glowing thanks to the active raspberry key-tones helping skin cell turnover, it’s the best of the best!