Do You Really Know Aveda Hair Color?

Dec 28, 2012

aveda hair color

As most of you already know Aveda is an industry leader in beauty and provides the most amazing naturally derived products for body, skin and hair. At Zandi K., we use only Aveda products from front to back in our salon, including for all of our hair color services. And while us Aveda devotees have always felt that Aveda hair color is the best in the industry, it recently got even better.

In 2011 Aveda modernized their Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Creme Hair Color to include even more customization, reduced fadage, higher shine and amazing new fashion colors . Their modernized hair color still provides users with a 96% naturally-derived hair coloring system that Aveda fans are used to while delivering damage-free results with fade-resistant colors in a variety of customizable shades.

New hair color components

Aveda's new color components allow hair stylists to take color customization to a whole new level. Some of the new components include:

  • Pure Pigments - Helps to enhance and deliver amazing fashion colors to any hair color formula.
  • Pastel Tones combined with Extra Lifting Creme - Helps professional hair stylists achieve precise, permanent blonding.
  • Reformulated Red Series - Makes coppers and reds more vibrant than ever before.
  • Natural Series Shades - Helps with delivering more true to tone results combined with fade resistance and improved grey coverage.

These revamped color components are what Zandi K Salon stylists use to create the perfect tones and blends of colors for every guest.

Aveda's search for natural ingredients

14 years ago Aveda began a search for hair coloring products made of natural ingredients that would provide users with fade-resistant color and optimal results. The result of Aveda's search for hair color was the introduction of Full Spectrum Hair Color. This revolutionary color line provided stylists with all natural ingredients that revolutionized hair coloring for professional stylists.

The Full Spectrum line contains organic:

  • Conditioning oils
  • Blends of sunflower
  • Castor
  • Jojoba
  • Coconut
  • Babassu oils

Aveda's hair products allow stylists to create broader spectrum's of colors, due to their patented green tea extract. In addition the soy protein in Aveda's formula helps to amplify protection from damage.

Creation of Aveda's secret to hair color

The Full Spectrum Color was created in Blaine, MN in a botanical laboratory. This 58-acre Certified Wildlife Habitat is home to Aveda's secret to hair color. Aveda helps the fight to "go green" by producing products from 100% recycled fibers. They founded a national cap collection program which produces 100% recycled color tubing for the Full Spectrum line. Their national cap collection program has helped keep over half a million plastic caps out of landfills to date.

If you have questions or looking for more information on Aveda's products, feel free to ask your stylist at Zandi K Salon.

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