Spring 2013 Hair Trends

Mar 05, 2013

Hollie Charlton, one of Zandi K’s lead educators and master stylists shares what’s new for Spring 2013.

“Everyone is always excited to see what fun new color and style trends start coming around in the spring of a new year and this year will not be a disappointment!

sprint hair trends

While the return of ombre hair is unavoidable, there will also be a few new twists on this look such as the reverse ombre and the dip dye. We have already seen the reverse ombre on a couple of big names like Jessica Simpson and Beyonce with light and bright on top down to darker shades underneath and Aveda’s Spring 2013 collection features a gorgeous dip dye.

spring hair trends

Also, expect to see lot of color mixed in with the haircolor that we traditionally consider “natural”! This Spring we are seeing gorgeous pastels in blue, pink, teals, lavenders and a million shades of gorgeous grey. These fashion colors can be done done ombre style with color just at the tips, 20%- 30% highlighted or in large block sections,  like for instance a in bang or just a block coming from underneath your natural color.  However, on of the biggest trends for color is seeing full heads of pastels! Gorgeous! Check out our Facebook page for a couple of other examples of gorgeous all over pastels. www.facebook.com/zandiksalon.

spring hair trends

The bright summery shades of platinum blond make a comeback as well! You can never go wrong with a perfect, gorgeous blonde. And the Aveda Spring 2013 collection shows off one of the most amazing blonde formulas that I have seen in a long time! So excited to do this color on some guests!

spring hair trends

For styles this summer, the key this Spring is soft texture. Looks that don’t look overdone and texture that has a unique twist.  New curl and wave techniques using braids, twists and even gardening stakes (seriously its true!) create a whole new family of texture styles and can be easy to do even the night before. And once again this season we are seeing the braids, braids braids! Regular, fishtail, twist, waterfall and every other variation of the braid is seen in tons of looks this season. And don’t forget to load your drawers with hair accessories. Headbands, flowers, pins and barrettes all will be seen in excess this year.”

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