So What Is Eye Brow Microblading?

Jan 26, 2017

In this day and age there are new beauty trends popping up every day! Some quickly fade away but others are here for the long haul. One trend that is definitely here to stay is Eye Brow Microblading. Who doesn’t want gorgeous, effortless brows every day??

But what exactly is this Microblading hype and what can it do for you??

We have all seen the dark, harsh, and very permanent eye brow tattoos of the past. No one wants this look and and sometimes Microblading can tend to get lumped in with these and other types of permanent makeup. But Eye Brow Microblading IS NOT Eye Brow Tattooing! Microblading is something totally new and different, and people are loving it! Let’s get down to the specifics of what it is and see if we can answer some of the questions that are out there.


First things first, Eye Brow Microblading is NOT a tattoo. It is a form of semi-permanent makeup. As many of us know, tattoos are VERY permanent and often times regrettable. What is not permanent as we already know are beauty trends, this includes the shape and fullness of brows. Because microblading is only semi-permanent, you have the ability to change your brows over time according to what is popular or your own personal preference! Who doesn’t want to ability to change up their brows?! Not only that but unlike an Eye Brow Tattoo that can fade into a blue or greyish hue, Eyebrow Microblading fades off naturally and gently over the course of 6 months.


So who might be a good candidate for Eye Brow Microblading? Anyone and everyone who wants to enhance their brows! It is the perfect solution for people with little to no brows and can even help fill in already full ones. At Zandi K, we customize each and every brow service for all of our guests. With Microblading you get to choose and specify every part of your brow from the color of the pigment to the exact shape and size! Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough consultation, and Eye Brow shaping and an Eye Brow Tinting, if desired. We go through exactly how you want to see your brows look and make a game plan for your actual Mircoblading appointment. We take brows very seriously around here!


Now let’s talk about how it works. At your full Microblading appointment, small strokes that mimic the look of natural hairs are placed throughout the brow using a small hand held tool that contains micro needles. The tool is first dipped in a pigment that is customized for the guests brow color or desired brow color. After the color is set on the tool, the esthetician uses hairlike strokes to customize your desired shape brow. This is when the pigment is deposited into the skin. The strokes do not go as deep into the skin as a tattoo needle would, therefore it doesn’t feel like a tattoo and if they are not touched up overtime they will just fade away. Once the strokes are healed, which takes approximately two weeks, you are left with beautiful, full, natural looking brows!

Maintenance for microblading does need to be done more often than other forms of permanent makeup and tattooing since it is only semi-permanent. Following the initial appointment, you will come in after four to six weeks for a complimentary appointment to refine your shape and fill in any additional necessary strokes. From then on you would schedule a Color Boost appointment every five to six months to maintain your new brows.

Now that you have all the info when will I being seeing you for your dream brows??

See you soon!

Kyler Burch – Lead Esthetician  and Microblading Specialist

Kyler is a certified Denver Microblading Technician and Master Brow artist at Zandi K Salons. She has been practicing as an esthetician for 4 years and has an art background and an incredible eye for shape that makes her incredible at her job!

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