Pain Point… Sticker shock How much is this going to cost?

Apr 14, 2022

Guest checks out... Front desk says total today is $$$$$... WTF how is it that much?  Front desk; It says here you added on a root, low light and gloss etc.... Guest; well yeah but how could that possible be $$$$$?  I just showed them a picture how am I supposed to know what they need to do to achieve it?

We have heard your pain!  It came to me while in the shower one morning, like all my good ideas what if stylists never had to price quote again, and our clients never had to figure out what they wanted to skip on because the list of what your stylist needs to do to achieve your pictures keeps going on and on.  Or $$$$$.  And that's what we have done!! YEP we now only have color options that include what can be done in that time.  SO here is the deets; book a BASIC for, well basic color applications.  This is color projects that your stylist can do in 45minutes to apply. So think about partial anything; highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre and whatever the next term is or an all over color.  Book a DIMENSIONAL for a color project that will take your stylist an hour to apply.  This would be anything more than a basic besides correction or bleach and tone. And lastly we offer corrections and bleach and tone based on what exactly needs to be done and charged hourly.  ALL of our color services come with a gloss and tone (YES EVERYONE NEEDS THIS) if you want your hair to be gorgeous!  ALL of our color services come with cut and style, again yes everyone needs this.  When a client says they don't we/they are sacrificing perfection... And we don't want to! You deserve amazing beautiful hair.

WHY did we do this... Its a win for the client NO more sticker shock, you know the cost of the service before you start!  YEAH!  and no more stylist trying to educate you on all the things you need to do to achieve your dream hair.  No more your stylist feeling like they are nickel and dimming you and visa versa.  Its a win for the salon, no more upset clients with how much their hair costs.  No more sacrificing needed additions to get your desired hair color because the cost just keeps going up.

We still have different levels of stylist and their price for each service varies on their talent and expertise but you know it ahead of time. No surprises!  The service is a flat fee. (if your hair requires extra bowls of color we add just that).

We are in the business of making our clients HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL!!!  *** We guarantee it!

-Salon Owner

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