Ombre Hair…The Beautiful Color Melting Technique

Feb 25, 2012

Are you bored with your hair color? Has the excitement of your highlights faded? Tired of having to come in every four weeks to make your brown locks blonde? Stop stressing and check out the new trend called Color melting!

Color Melting, or the Ombre technique, as stylists call it, has recently been one of the hottest trends in Hollywood. You can see this new look on celebrities such as Drew Berrymore, Sandra Bullock, Sara Jessica Parker and Jessica Beil. What this color application does, is take a light color and gradually “melt” it into a lighter color. Melting can carefully take you from your natural color to a beautiful highlight. It can be a very subtle change in color or more drastic, taking your mane from a rich dark hue to a glowing blonde highlight! It will work on anyone, whether you have dark hair or light hair. We love this technique because it gives our clients an effortless look. Instead of it looking like you stepped out of the salon, it will look like you just came from the beach!


One of the best elements to this trend, is that it is easy to maintain. Come into the salon for a quick root touch up every six to eight weeks and brighten up the highlights every four to five months. Go longer between appointments, but keep your hair beautiful and stylish!

-Hilary Hackney (Master Stylist at Zandi K)

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