Lani’s Tips & Tricks to Aveda Makeup, Straight from New York Fashion Week!

Mar 09, 2018

Our Resident Hair and Makeup Artist, Lani Fischer, spills all the secrets on how to get catwalk ready makeup using Aveda Cosmetics!

nyfw makeup tips

All natural makeup and skin care is TRENDING! And for good reason too, but before we get into why, it’s important you know the Aveda is the OG company to make all natural mineral makeup. That’s right, yet another thing Aveda was doing before everyone realized how amazing it was. But there are so many brands to choose from now, so why Aveda? Aveda’s Makeup is formulated without parabens, without talc, is non-acnegenic, and is mineral oil free for starters. Aveda makeup is made with non-petroleum based minerals including tourmaline and mica, so it’s the makeup to choose if you love your skin.

Tourmaline is like natures Redbull for your skin, helping it feel and look more energized. tourmaline is also naturally green so it helps counteract redness. Mica gives a lot of our products that beautiful shimmer and glow. Other cosmetic companies actually use things like butterfly wings and beetle shells to achieve the same results (yikes!). Also our tint  mineral moisturizer has SPF 15 that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays, all while giving your skin a healthy glow! These are just some of the reasons why Aveda is a high performance makeup brand.


Aveda is used all over the world, but most notably at New York Fashion Week & London Fashion Week.

I just finished up my third season of New York Fashion Week this past February working with The Aveda Makeup Team, lead by Aveda’s Global Makeup Director Janell Geason. This past season, I did makeup for lines like Chiara Boni and Leanne Marshall. Now I know what you’re thinking “Lani, I’m not a model. I don’t have time to do some kind of crazy smokey eye in the morning!” but runway makeup can easily be turned into your daily makeup. One way that runway makeup can easily be worn in an everyday look is with complexion! For most shows, designers ask for a clean glowing complexion and we do that by starting with skincare: toning and moisturizing their skin based on their skin type. Then we use Aveda Concealer as an all over cream foundation. I like to to hit under the eyes first and around the nose and then swipe some concealer on our blush brush to evenly blend out over the skin for a medium to full coverage semi matte finish. We typically don’t set this with any powder until the very end (and if at all) because it essentially sets itself!

NYFW Makeup

Another trick I love to use on my guests in the salon that I picked up while working behind the runway, especially for a more natural look, is creating a soft blush from whatever lipstick we used on the lips. I especially love this for all of you Coloradans with dry skin, because it’s a cream instead of powder so the finish is more hydrating. At New York Fashion Week, we always end up doing a lot of natural, full, beautiful looking brows. If you’ve had your brows filled in before at Zandi K then you already have experienced having Runway ready brows! We like to keep these makeup applications simple, fast, and beautiful because we have a short amount of time to get these looks done, just like you do when you hit the snooze button 4 times and now have 20 minutes to get ready instead of 60.

For a full face though, how can you achieve an easy and beautiful face of natural makeup in a matter of minutes? Keep scrolling to find out the rest of my NYFW tips and tricks!

Step 1. Skin Care: (I know this is a blog about makeup, but what is a work of art without a beautiful canvas?) Depending on your skin type, our Botanical Kenetics Creme Cleanser or Gel Cleanser are great options and an awesome place to start.

nyfw makeup

Step 2. Foundation: If you tend to be on the dry side and would like light to medium coverage and a fresh dewy finish start with our Tinted Liquid Moisturizer. If you want more coverage I would use our Concealer where needed. If you are more oily and want medium to full coverage, use concealer as an all over cream foundation. You can apply these with your hands or brush. The more compact a brush is, the coverage more you’ll have and the less compact will blend but also provide lighter coverage.

Step 3. Bold Brows: Grab your Aveda Eye Definer and swipe your Zandi K brow brush across your liner. Start your brush strokes at the arch of your brow and go to the tail. You want this to be the darkest part of the brow, it looks the most natural. Then continue to fill the rest of the brow and then set it with a matching powder.

Step 4. Eyes: This really depends on your eye shape, and don’t forget you already hit your snooze button 4 times and you have to make this quick!  I will line my lash line with the Aveda Eye Definer, in brown for a lighter look or black for a more dramatic look, and then either grab Illumination Eye Shadow Single for a shimmery eye or quickly run my brush through all three colors of Gobi Sands Eye Trio and press it on my lid to give my eyes some definition (another New York Fashion Week trick we use for simple looks). And then swipe on some of our Moscarra, which nourishes your lashes while you wear it!


Step 5. Set/Bake: So if you are going for a fresh or more light coverage finish skip this step. If you want medium to full coverage matte finish use Aveda’s Mineral Pressed Powder all over, and let it sit under your eyes for 5 minutes to create a flawless, creaseless look.

Step 6. Blush/Contouring: You can always skip this step if you are in a huge hurry, and just finish with lipstick real fast for your blush and lips. If you have more time and want a more defined look, use a blush brush to apply our Uruku Bronzers as a contour color right where your cheekbones hollow out, and then blend your Petal Essence Face Accent blush into your contour. Illumination or Opal Eye Shadow Singles make some of my favorite highlighting looks, and I’m a sucker for a multipurpose product.

nyfw makeup

Step 8. Lips: Alright first things first – you have to decide if we are doing gloss today or lipstick. If you picked gloss, quickly swipe on the Aveda Lip Glaze and head out the door! If you’re a lipstick gal, swipe on our colorless Lip Primer to smooth out and lines or dry skin (it’s also great to keep your color from bleeding). For the longest lasting lips, choose your preferred Aveda Lip Liner and fill your lips in completely.

Then grab your AMAZING new Feed My Lips Aveda Lipstick and swipe it on over the liner (8 hour wear, i’m not complaining). If you’re reading this and saying “this feels like a lot”, thats okay! Just start by implementing some of these into your daily routine. The more you practice the faster you get. My makeup routine used to take 40 minutes and now it takes 15! If you still have questions on what colors and products would be best for you, come in and see me!

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