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Kaytie Sawyer

Kaytie Sawyer

Designer Stylist, She/Her

Introducing Kaytie Sawyer – Your Hair Transformation stylist!

Kaytie’s journey as a hairstylist was fueled by her lifelong love for the confidence and joy that comes with getting her hair done. Now, she’s dedicated to giving her clients that same empowering feeling.

Her signature style revolves around creating captivating highlights and crafting beautifully layered haircuts. With her keen eye for detail and artistic flair, she’s able to bring out the best in every hairstyle.

When you sit in Kaytie’s chair, you’ll experience a personalized journey like no other. Taking the time to know her clients, she engages in thorough consultations, ensuring she understands their needs and desires completely.

Zandi K is not just a workplace for Kaytie; it’s a family. The inclusive and supportive team fosters an environment where everyone helps and uplifts each other, creating a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

One of Kaytie’s most memorable experiences was her first-ever transformation cut. With her expertise, she cut off over 12 inches of her guest’s hair, resulting in a stunning transformation. Witnessing her client’s radiant smile as she left the salon brought immeasurable joy to Kaytie’s heart.

If you’re seeking a hairstylist who not only specializes in creating gorgeous highlights and layered haircuts but also values meaningful connections with her clients, Kaytie Swayer is the hairstylist for you. Book your appointment now and embark on a hair journey filled with empowerment, creativity, and heartfelt transformations!

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