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Kat Young

Kat Young

Salon Floor Support, She/Her

Meet Kat, the vibrant soul behind the scenes at our salon, where every day is filled with fun, positive energy, and glittery vibes. Inspired by the lively atmosphere and the camaraderie of the salon team, Kat is the heart and soul of our space.

With a contagious laugh, Kat embraces the philosophy that life is too short to skip out on the glitter. Her love for hair tinsel is not just a style choice but a reflection of her belief in adding a touch of sparkle to everyday moments.

Kat’s admiration for the stylists goes beyond their technical skills. She is captivated by the amazing and creative transformations they perform on hair and brows. To her, they are not just skilled professionals but a source of inspiration and entertainment.

One memorable day at the salon perfectly encapsulates Kat’s commitment to creating unforgettable experiences. When a new, older lady walked in as a client, Kat and the team went above and beyond to shower her with kindness to ensure she felt welcomed and taken care of. The entire experience left the couple beaming, creating fans for life. As the husband looked at his wife, his eyes welled up, expressing how beautiful she looked. It was a heartwarming moment that affirmed Kat’s belief in the transformative power of a positive salon experience.

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