How to Choose Your Perfect Hairstyle

Mar 02, 2016

Have you ever had a cut that just didn't seem right? Maybe it wasn't necessarily a bad cut, it just didn't work for you? Well, it might have been that the cut wasn't the right one for your face shape.

Choosing the right haircut to flatter the shape of your face is just as important as choosing a color that flatters your skin tone.  The wrong cut can shorten or widen your face, hide your most flattering features, or simply not look right on you. Most women have had a haircut where the layers were off or the length was not ideal. One of the best ways to avoid this is to become familiar with the shape of your face, and to understand what cuts and styles will be the most  flattering for you, as well as why they will work to flatter your face.

If you have an oval-shaped face, odds are good that almost any cut or style will look nice on you. Lucky you. For everyone else, the most flattering cuts and styles are actually those that make your face look most like an oval.  If you have a round or square face, the most flattering cuts will be those that elongate your face.  If you have an angular face, there are cuts that will give the illusion of softening your hardest features.

perfect haircut for your face shape

(Photo Credit: http://therighthairstyles. com/what-hairstyle-suits-your-face-shape/)

When making the decision to cut your hair, face shape is not the only factor to consider.  The texture and color of your hair can also affect what will look best on you.  The condition and health of your hair will also play a significant role in what is the best cut for you.  For example, if long hair is particularly flattering on you but your hair is incredibly damaged on the ends from over-processing or too much heat, it will be important to take off any damaged length to allow your hair to grow out healthy and strong. Healthy hair at any length is prettier than long, damaged hair. 

Perhaps just as important as face shape when considering a cut is your lifestyle and personal style.  Even if long, blonde hair is the most flattering for your face shape, if it doesn’t work for your style or your life, it won’t work for you. Its important to discuss with your stylist what exactly you are willing to do to style your cut...and even more important to let them know what you are not willing to do. 

Bangs are another style choice that women can struggle with.  Not only are bangs a big change and potentially a big commitment if you are getting shorter, blunt bangs, but there are so many different styles of bangs that it can be overwhelming.  Bangs are flattering on almost every face shape, but certain face shapes will require a certain type of bangs.  Round faces are flattered by side swept bangs, because side swept bangs create an angle on otherwise soft features.  Blunt, straight bangs are not particularly flattering on round or square faces because it will cause a harsh line across the widest part of your face.  However, rounded blunt bangs can be very flattering on a round face because you are once again creating angles.  Bangs tend to be a decision left to the professionals, and please, please don't ever cut your bangs by yourself!

It is also important to remember that your stylist has been trained to recognize what cut and color will look best on you.  If you have any questions about whether or not a style will work with the shape of your face, your stylist is the best person to ask.  Not only are they familiar with your hair, but they will be able to explain to you why a look may or may not work for you.  If you are unsure about what direction you want to take for a new style, sometimes it is best to leave it in the hands of the experts!

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