Healthy Summer Hair Tips

Jul 24, 2017
summer hair

Summer is all about going to the pool, getting that effortless tan, and having fun. However, we seem to forget how drying it is to our hair. For blondes, I know this on a more personal level, we are all afraid of chlorine. Reason being; your perfect blonde tone turning that horrid green that we hate. Instead of worrying about WHAT COULD happen to your hair, why not just prevent it?

A really good cleansing shampoo and the right product, like the Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser and the After Sun Masque, can help prevent any damage from chlorine and even salt water.

For brunettes, it’s the perfect time to get those natural highlights from the sun, but what happens if your hair gets too light for your liking or maybe they get too brassy? A nice gloss will do just the trick or even a good toning shampoo, like the Aveda Clove or Camomile Color Shampoos, are the perfect thing to remove those unwanted warm tones.

summer hair

Kids- we know, of course, you want to protect your kids skin and coat them in SPF 100 to avoid burns. So why not protect their hair too? Kids are more prone to getting that green tint to their hair because of how porous it is. Our Sun Veil is the perfect sun block and chlorine block for them. Just a couple sprays before they head off to the pool and their hair is protected! If your hair is feeling dry, like we know it can in the summer time between the heat and dry temperatures of Colorado, we’ve got the perfect thing! Treatment masques are great for dry hair that needs an extra splash of moisture. If you’re feeling too dry to treat at home, you can come in for a moisturizing hair and scalp treatment and take home the masque to to maintain the extra moisture!

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