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Halloween Hair

Halloween Hair

October 26, 2022


Is sacrificing your hair for ONE Night worth it? πŸ‘»πŸ¦‡πŸŽƒ We say NOOOOOO to teasing, pulling and single night color!

Here are our master stylist’s tips for finding and wearing that PERFECT Wig to match your HALLOWEEN Costume:


Save and Buy from a Hair or Beauty Store


Halloween specialty shops mark up for the holiday. This is their time of year to make their $. To save and get more bang for your buck, buy something you will be able to use year after year from a Hair or Beauty store. And BONUS, they will typically have a larger selection!


Try a Clip-In or Hair Piece


Adding just a little something extra might be all you need to make for that PERFECT look to your costume, that will allow you to dance and party the night away without all the itch and sweat a full wig can bring.


The BRAIDED application


Braid your hair into 2 braids (no need to worry about perfection here, they will be hidden!). Then take the “tail” end and cross over to the other side, and secure.


braided application

halloween braid


BUN it up


Pull your hair into a bun a the nape of your neck. Pulling all of your hair as smooth and flat as possible.


halloween bun


Adjusting and Securing your wig


Some wigs have a built in adjustable strap, some do not. If your wig has an adjustable strap, put it on first, then tighten. If it does not, secure your wig with Bobby Pins on the sides and underneath by putting the bobby pin through the wig (you will need to push hard to get through the wig!) and then put the bobby pin through the braid or in your hair. It’s best to do 2 bobby pins in each spot making an X, so they hold.

And now you’re READY! Your hair is happy and protected and you have a wig or hair piece you can tease, spray…do whatever you want to! Have fun and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!