The Real Deal on Hair Extensions

Jul 12, 2013

From Christel Zissimos, Master Stylist at Zandi K.

I am the type of girl that when I want something, I want it right now! So I chopped my hair off and then of course I couldn't wait 3 years for it to grow. So I tried every single type of extensions you could imagine!

First, I tried the extensions where you braid your hair and actually sew the hair wefts into the braid. That just broke my fine hair right off! So then I decided to try the extensions with the micro beads. You clamp tiny beads of hair onto your own hair. Not exactly ideal for a girl with fine hair.


Comfortable Natural Looking Hair Extensions

Finally, I tried the tape extensions! Finally! Hair extensions that worked for me! It wasn't uncomfortable, it didn't break off or rip any of my hair out! My hair looked so natural and long! And the best part... It only took a few hours! And the hair is reusable! The way these extensions work is there is a piece of keratin protein (the same type of protein that your hair is made of) tape on the top of each section of hair. The tape is applied right at the top of your hair and sticks onto your natural hair, then another piece of hair is placed on top, sandwiching your own hair in between the two pieces. It's called the sandwiching technique, and it gives the most natural looking extensions!

Ultratress Hair Extensions at Zandi K

The maintenance is super easy too, every 6-8 weeks you come into the salon and they spray your extensions with liquid release, and they slip right out without breaking or ripping out your own hair! Then we can cleanse and replace that same hair! Affordable, easy and gorgeous! You can blow dry, curl, flatiron and style your hair just like normal! So if you are curious about getting extensions I've already done all the research for you!

For more info come in and chat with me for a complimentary consultation and price quote, and you can check out some amazing before and after photos! (303) 618-0808

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