Danger Alert! Why you shouldn’t get your brows done at your nail shop!!!

Dec 12, 2016

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As you probably already know, in this life you get what you pay for, and a $10 add-on brow wax from the same stranger that just did your shellac is not the place to get your brows on fleek. Brows are an art form, if the eyes are the windows to the soul then the brows are the frame to that window, they can make or break your face.

It’s not to say you couldn’t find a good brow artist at some local nail place or even a threading bar somewhere, but would you go to a foot doctor for a hand problem? Do you catch my drift? Everyone has his or her specialties and it's best to always stick with someone who is an expert in their craft.  The people waxing at most of these inexpensive places are most definitely not trained in brow shaping beyond the basic waxing hours that they got in beauty school. (Each Zandi K Brow Artist has completed an extensive advanced training program specifically for waxing once they have completed their typical aesthetics education.)

There are a lot of factors that can go into a brow that no one talks about. First of all if someone doesn't sit down and actually talk to you and ask you questions and discuss your brows before you start this should be a major red flag and you should not be seeing this person. A thorough consultation will insure that you are getting the shape, thickness and color of brow you desire. Not mention your brow artist needs to be sure you aren't using any products that would affect your waxing process or after result.

There is also an art to shaping a brow depending your eyes, nose, face shape and bone structure. Your brows should start, arch and end in specific place to accentuate your eyes and balance your whole face. Depending on your eye shape your brows should also ideally be a certain thickness. As a brow expert I can give you any brow shape you want but what I want to give you is the one that is going to be your style as well make you look your best.

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Another thing to consider when thinking of seeing an amateur side-show brow waxer, rather than a trained brow shaping expert, is that brows need to be trimmed in order to create a truly finished and beautiful shape. A well-trimmed brow is what sets one brow artist apart from another. For example a precision haircut is the one that make strangers stop and say “wow you have an amazing cut”. A precision brow will do the same thing for you.

A great brow artist can change your brow world. From years of over plucking to under grooming your brow, we can create the perfect brow for you by helping you achieve and maintain the brow of your dreams. We will guide you and advise you on home care and regular maintenance.

While we are not miracle workers we have a couple tricks up our sleeves when your brows are in some serious need. Whether it be sparse brows, blonde brows, or you just simply want a bolder brow, brow tinting is a game changer for many.

Brow Tinting is one of the tricks that us truly great brow artists have up our sleeves. A brow tint is like hair color. It fades over the course of time but gives an added effect of filling in the brow. As a general rule, I like to tint the brows two shades darker than the base color of a client’s hair which will give them some drama and accentuate your features in all the right ways.

Quality products are important too, a wax that reduces redness and irritation that isn't scalding hot is very important. How you apply the wax and remove it from the brow area can have the potential to lift your skin if not done correctly, which can lead to scaring. We can guarantee most nail shops are not using quality wax, and may not even know about the differences in types of wax. Further, even applying the wax is an art form. At Zandi K Salons we use the wax to paint our outline of the brow, our tweezers to perfect the edges, and our scissors to groom your brows to perfection. We also use Aveda's soothing serums and a cool compress after a wax that will help calm redness and inflammation. Our brow waxes are relatively painless and done lying down for your comfort. And our service includes a head massage and Aveda stress-relieving aroma to boot!

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The final reason that you should be seeing an experienced brow artist is that they can teach you how to fill your brows.  At Zandi K Salons, our expert brow artists finish each service by showing you how to correctly fill in your brow at home. If you don't know how to achieve the results we give you in the salon you won't have #browsthatwow between visits. We want people to stop you and say "Oh my god I love your brows where do you get them done?!" The best compliment a brow artist can get is someone else loving our work, so we will take the time to show you at home application and proper technique for achieve that perfectly filled in brow!

So now you know exactly what you are getting when you choose to pay a little bit more to see an experienced Brow Artist at Zandi K Salons in Denver or Lakewood. Not only are you paying for a trained expert in their craft, but also you are paying for the experience. When you see a true brow artist, especially a Zandi K trained artist, you know you are getting the best service, the best products and an emphasis on pampering our clients. We want to be the best part of your day! Every brow client should walk out feeling confident, perfected and refreshed.

Master Esthetician Stina Nelson, who has been and aesthetician with the Zandi K Salons for over 5 years perfecting her craft, is the author of this blog. Her specialty is a bold precise brow. She will go above and beyond for you, because she loves what she does!

Co-owner Nicki Wenz has spent the past 9 years perfecting and extensively training The Brow Department at Zandi K Salons. She has every esthetician go through a 3-6 month apprenticeship with a heavy emphasis on brows. Her team has some of the best artists in Denver!

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