All the DIY Curls

Jun 01, 2022

Perfecting the perfect beachy waves or spiral curls is something you want to be able to achieve at home too!  Today we’re sharing with you our TOP tips for creating your favorite curl styles yourself!

ONE:  Curls for Short Hair

3 Tips when adding curl to your Pixie cut!

  • for more texture alternate directions
  • with shorter pieces just put a bend in it
  • it’s all about the messy + movement

Products + Steps used by stylist @kaydeabel to achieve this look:

1. Aveda Nutriplenish Light Shampoo + Conditioner
2. Aveda Nutriplenish Daily Moisturizing Treatment, brush through + rough dry
3. Aveda Heat Relief Thermal Protector + Aveda Conditioning Mist, spray on + brush through
4. Style + curl with flat iron
5. Aveda Air Control light hold hairspray, spray on to finish

CLICK HERE to watch how it was done.

TWO: The PERFECT Beachy Look

If only everyday could be a day at the BEACH … with these simple steps you can look like it is!


1.  Prep your hair:  When it’s wet with Aveda Botanical Repair strengthening leave-in treatment + Volumizing tonic.  Section off your hair and spray at the roots. Then give your hair an all over spray for extra shine! ✨

2.  Blow dry. Then spray all over with Aveda Heat Relief for that extra iron protection!

3.  Curl using the Elongated curl technique. Curl hair around the barrel of the iron starting at the ends working up to the root. To remove, pull down gently in an elongated twisting motion.

4.  Finish by running your fingers through your hair to comb out the curls. Spray with Aveda Texture Tonic (holding a few inches away) + piece it out.

Now go ROCK 🤘 your BEACHY look!

Hair by: @erinmichellehair
Model: @beautybypreslee

CLICK HERE to watch how it’s done.

THREE:  Curls Two Ways – One Tool

Your style changes depending on the day (or is it the weather?).  But you only have one tool in your house.  Is it a flat iron?  Create tight + loose Beachy waves AND tight + loose Spiral curls with that ONE tool you have!


First watch this quick video to see how they are done.

1.  Tight Beach Wave – To get the “wave” point the nose of your flat iron down.  And the more “curls” you add with your iron, the more waves you will get.

2.  Loose Beach Wave – Use the technique of SLIDE-BEND-SLIDE to lengthen your waves.  Again pointing the nose of your flat iron down.

3.  Tight Spiral Curl – Hold your flat iron parallel to the ground.  And like with your beach waves, the more “curls” you add with your iron, the more spirals you will get.

4.  Loose Spiral Curl – Drag out as your curl to lengthen the spirals, leaving the tail out.


  • To enhance your spirals, give them a twist when done.
  • To curl on 2+ Day old hair we recommend:
  • For oily hair clean with @aveda Shampure Dry Shapoo
  • For ALL hair types protect with @aveda Heat Relief

Hair by: @foreverminks
Model: @hammyhair

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